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50 Best Unusual Gifts for Elderly Ladies in 2023

Choosing the right gift can often be a challenge, especially when you’re searching for unusual gifts for elderly ladies. As the year 2023 unfolds, new and exciting products have emerged that cater perfectly to the preferences and needs of older women. 

At JetSet Sidekick, we understand the nuances of finding the best gifts for the elderly. This guide is dedicated to helping you pick out the perfect present for your favorite senior, be it for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or any special occasion. Let’s dive into some of the most thoughtful and unique ideas, keeping in mind the things that elderly women truly appreciate.

Unusual Gifts for Elderly Ladies

Fashion and Comfort

No matter how many items she has in her closet new unusual gifts can still be a great option for elderly ladies. Don’t just head to Nordstrom and get her another pair of slippers or a sweater she won’t wear.

Think outside the box with these wearable gifts she may not already own.

Dressing with Flair and Ease

For many elderly women, dressing up isn’t just about clothes; it’s a reflection of their personality, their life’s stories, and the eras they’ve lived through. 

Every older woman deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in her attire. 

Elegant, easy-to-wear pieces can evoke fond memories, boost confidence, and make a strong statement about her unique style.

1. Elegant Silk Kimonos

Nothing speaks luxury like an elegant silk kimono. It’s a wonderful gift for older women who appreciate fine fabrics and designs. Let your elderly lady lounge in style and comfort, feeling pampered every day. 

It’s a great way to elevate her everyday life. Make every day feel like a special day as she wraps luxurious silk around her body.

2. Jewelry Organizers

Organizing jewelry can be both fun and practical. For elderly women with a collection of beautiful accessories, a jewelry organizer is the perfect gift. 

It’s not just a storage solution; it’s a thoughtful gift that lets her admire and easily pick her favorites for the day. Her beautiful treasures shouldn’t be stuck inside a drawer, they deserve to be on display.

3. Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aromatherapy jewelry is the fusion of style and wellbeing. Essential oils can be placed within the jewelry, allowing the wearer to enjoy the therapeutic benefits throughout the day. 

It’s an unusual gift for elderly ladies who love both fashion and self-care, making it one of the best birthday gifts they might receive. When you notice your gift recipient wearing the jewelry it will give you the opportunity to buy essential oil refills as part of a later gift.

4. Custom Hand-Knitted Shawls

Gift your favorite senior a custom hand-knitted shawl, a blend of personal touch with practical use. Especially during the winter months, these shawls will keep them warm while reminding them of your care and love.

​When it comes to gift giving there is a common saying that it’s ‘the thought that counts.’ What could be more thoughtful than an item you hand knitted on vacation where you can tie together a great gift idea with a memorable story.

5. Thermal Gloves with Grips

A good gift for elderly people is one that merges utility with style. These thermal gloves, available in different colors, not only protect from the cold but also provide touchscreen compatibility. They’re perfect for an older woman venturing out on a chilly morning.

By choosing from our affiliate links for these unusual gifts for elderly ladies, you’re ensuring that your loved one feels treasured and cared for, blending comfort with impeccable style.

For The Home Enthusiast

No matter how active your baby boomer parent or grand parent is, they will still spend the majority of time at home. Help make her home as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

Gifts that encourage guests to come over or make entertaining easier are always a good idea for grandmothers.

Unusual Gifts for Baby Boomers Home

Cozying Up with Modern Flair

The winter months can be particularly challenging for senior citizens, making warmth and comfort paramount. Modern designs merge with timeless coziness, offering elderly people the perfect way to stay snug while also being in vogue. 

Bring grandmas house into the 21st century by helping her replace old worn items with these unique gifts.

6. Interactive Digital Picture Frame

Gift your elderly family member an interactive digital photo frame and watch her eyes light up as she relives cherished memories. This is more than a simple photo album; it brings moments to life and is a thoughtful gift for those who treasure their past. 

Make sure you create the online account and give access to all grandmas favorite people. This is a gift that keeps on giving because all year round her loved ones can log in and upload new photos for her to gush over.

7. Mood Lighting Lamps

Set the perfect mood with dynamic lighting. A mood lighting lamp is the ideal gift for older adults who appreciate the ambiance in their home. 

Whether it’s for relaxation or creating a cozy atmosphere during the winter months, these lamps are a wonderful gift that adds character to any room.

8. Customized Door Mat

Bring a smile to your loved one’s face every time they step into their home. A customized name door mat offers a personal touch right at their doorstep. 

It’s a special gift that not only serves a practical purpose but also reminds them that home is where the heart is. If everyone gathers at grandmas house for Christmas, then get her a custom holiday mat to welcome the entire family for the holidays.

9. Magnetic Grocery List

For the elderly lady who loves to stay organized, a magnetic grocery list is a game-changer. It’s an excellent gift for older women who might sometimes forget items they need. 

An older person won’t lose track of the paper because it magnets right to the fridge. It makes grocery shopping an easy task and ensures they never miss out on any essentials from the grocery store.

10. Modern Age Sewing Machine

Has your elderly woman ever spoken of her love for sewing in her younger days? Gift her a modern age sewing machine and watch as she rekindles her passion. It’s a unique gift that could reignite an old hobby, making her days vibrant and creative.

Discovering unusual gifts for elderly ladies doesn’t have to be a challenging task. With our gift guide tailored for home enthusiasts, it’s an easy way to find something that resonates, bringing warmth and love straight to their living space.

Wellness and Self-Care

Many aging adults fear the loss of their mobility and independence. You can subtlety help them maintain their health longer with a self-care gift.

Grandma doesn’t want your pity but these sneaky ways to rejuvenate her body are just the kind of under the radar gifts she will appreciate.

Self Care Gifts for Senior Citizen Women

Prioritizing Health with a Splash of Luxury

Health isn’t just about routine checks and medications. For the older woman, it’s about treating oneself with a dose of luxury while staying healthy. 

Giving an old woman new experiences will enhance her mental health. You are in a unique position to gift this glorious woman with items she would never purchase for herself.

11. Sensory Deprivation Tank Experience

New age science has found that float tanks can be a great thing for overall health. Referred to as R.E.S.T (restricted environmental stimulation therapy), it has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and even reduce pain in some individuals.

Getting someone a gift like this often requires you to do some follow up to ensure they schedule and appointment and use the certificate. Consider scheduling your own float session and offering to take your grandma to float and then have lunch together.

12. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

No grandma we know would ever complain about all the hours she spends in the kitchen. Older generations equate feeding their family with love and nurturing.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make that kitchen time a little easer on her feet. The anti-fatigue kitchen mat improves blood circulation, making it a practical gift that increases comfort while cooking or cleaning.

13. Customizable Bath Bombs

Transform her bath time into a spa-like experience! Customizable bath bombs are not only a fun gift but also a great way to help her unwind.

Choose scents and colors she adores. A bath bomb is the perfect present for those days she deserves extra pampering.

14. Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

Health is wealth, especially in old age. The Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is more than just a health device—it’s peace of mind. 

This tech innovation makes it easy for elderly ladies to keep tabs on their heart rate and overall health. It’s a useful gift that puts her health in her own hands.

15. Jade Face Roller

Beauty and confidence go hand in hand, even for older women. The Muscle Toning Device is a beauty-tech marvel that helps tone and firm skin. 

An ideal gift for elderly women wanting to maintain their youthful glow, it’s an excellent way to show her she’s cherished.

Caring for our elderly ladies goes beyond words. With these unusual gifts for elderly ladies in the realm of wellness and self-care, we ensure they live their golden years in comfort, style, and health.

Entertainment and Learning

Nursing homes are filled with aging people without enough mental stimulation. Don’t let your aging loved one become disconnected from her memories or mind before her time.

Stay inquisitive and keep asking your aging family member about anything and everything she’s willing to talk about. She will probably be thrilled to share her stories with you.

Experience Gifts for Baby Boomer Women

Keeping the Mind Young and Spirited

A sharp mind is one of the best gifts older adults can cherish. Activities that stimulate the brain while delivering joy are a wonderful gift. 

Some of the best gift ideas include technology and mental stimulation. Even if you’re not sure grandma will know how to use an item, the journey to teach her will be a gift in itself.

16. Virtual Reality Experience Set

For elderly women who have always dreamed of exploring new places, the Virtual Reality Experience Set is a ticket to the world. 

It’s an unusual gift that offers the thrill of travel without leaving the comfort of home. 

Perfect for older adults with a zest for adventure, it’s a wonderful gift that breaks barriers of age and geography.

17. Crafting Subscription Box

Crafting is therapeutic, and what better way to indulge an older woman than with a monthly dose of creativity? The Crafting Subscription Box is the perfect gift for those who love to create. 

Each box offers a new skill and a delightful project, making it an excellent gift for elderly ladies looking to dive into artful ventures. Your video calls with grandma can now include status updates on her latest craft box progress.

18. Audio Book Subscription

Reading might become challenging due to poor eyesight, but the world of stories remains accessible with Audible audio books. It’s a great present for those older adults who love to get lost in narratives. 

Simple to use and tailored for senior citizens, it’s a gift that offers the magic of tales at the press of a button. This subscription gift may take some prompting from you to ensure she keeps using it from month to month.

19. Digital Painting Lessons

Art knows no age. Digital Painting Lessons are the bridge between tradition and the digital age. This gift gives elderly women the chance to learn and express themselves in new, vibrant ways. 

It’s a special gift that celebrates their creativity in contemporary style.

20. Interactive Language Learning Device

Old age is still a time of growth and learning. With the Interactive Language Learning Device, elderly women can embark on the fascinating journey of speaking a new language. 

It’s a unique gift that enriches their everyday life and expands their horizons.

Outdoors and Adventure

​There are loads of new products that elderly ladies have never heard of. These unusual gifts will both surprise and delight her.

You can create care packages and gift baskets throughout the year to keep her outdoor time to a maximum. Fresh air and the sun have healing power to keep grandma healthier longer.

Unusual Outdoor Gifts for Elderly Women

Embracing Nature with Style

The beauty of nature holds a special place in the hearts of many elderly ladies. Gifting them a way to connect with the great outdoors, be it through ergonomic gardening tools or bird-watching tech, not only brings joy but also provides a therapeutic touch. 

It’s about blending their love for nature new ways to interact given their more limited mobility. 

21. Ergonomic Gardening Tools

Gardening is a passion for many elderly women, but traditional tools might not be the best fit. Ergonomic Gardening Tools are a game-changer. 

Designed to reduce strain and provide maximum comfort, these tools are a thoughtful gift for the green-thumbed older woman. Let her enjoy her garden moments without the aches and pains.

22. Bird Watching Digital Camera Binoculars

For the nature-loving elderly woman, the Bird Watching Digital Camera Binoculars are a match made in heaven. It’s not just about observing; it’s about capturing those magical moments. 

Perfect for senior women who love birdwatching, this device offers a unique blend of observation and photography. 

Spin off gifts are one of my favorite things to do. If you find out she’s been using her binoculars, next holiday you can get her a bird feeder or buy her plants that encourage certain birds to come into her yard.

23. Personalized Garden Stones

Every gardener takes pride in their piece of earth. The Personalized Garden Stones are an unusual gift for elderly ladies with a love for gardens. 

They not only add charm but also let her mark her territory with elegance. Every stone carries a memory, a story, a piece of her.

24. Solar-Powered Decorative Bird Bath

Marrying technology with nature, the Solar-Powered Decorative Bird Bath is an eco-friendly gift that older women will adore. 

It’s a great way to invite birds into her garden while adding a touch of modern design. When tech meets nature, it’s always a win.

25. Foldable Seat with Storage and Heat

Outdoor picnics are joyous, but comfort is crucial. The Foldable Seat with Storage and Heat ensures our favorite senior citizens enjoy nature’s beauty in utmost comfort. 

It’s practical, easy to carry, and offers storage—a perfect gift idea for those spontaneous picnics or outdoor reading sessions.

Personalized Keepsakes

​Back in the day there was a lot more custom gift giving. Big box stores have taken away a lot of the customization and personalization that your grandma probably received in her younger years.

But, personalized gifts are making a come back because of online shops. Order these unusual gifts for elderly ladies far in advance so they will arrive on time for your special occasion.

Personalized Gifts for Elderly Women

Gifts that Touch the Heart

The best presents are those that tug at the heartstrings. Personal keepsakes, from engraved lockets to customized artworks, are more than just items. 

They’re tangible memories, tokens of love, and expressions of deep sentiment. For an elderly family member, such gifts often hold meaning far beyond their physical presence.

26. Custom Soundwave Art

There’s no better way to preserve cherished memories than with the Custom Soundwave Art. A unique gift for elderly ladies, it lets them visualize the laughter, music, or words that mean the most to them. 

Whether it’s a child’s first words or a favorite song, this art brings sounds to life, making it a standout in our list of unusual gifts for elderly ladies.

27. Birthstone Family Tree

Family means everything, and the Birthstone Family Tree beautifully celebrates those ties. This personalized keepsake offers a brilliant blend of genealogy and jewelry. 

With each family member represented by their birthstone, this tree is a constant reminder of the family’s interconnected roots, making it a heartwarming gift for elderly parents or grandparents.

28. Engraved Memory Lockets

There’s a deep comfort in holding memories close to the heart, and Engraved Memory Lockets do just that. 

A special gift for elderly women, these lockets can be engraved with names, dates, or messages, encapsulating precious moments. Whether it’s a photo or a note, she’ll cherish this token of love every day.

29. Personalized World Travel Map

For the older woman with wanderlust, the Personalized World Travel Map is a delightful pick. It’s not just a map; it’s a canvas of her adventures. 

Every place she’s visited can be marked, making it an interactive trip down memory lane. A wonderful gift idea for older adults who’ve embraced the joy of travel throughout their lives.

30. Custom Star Map

Stars have stories to tell, and the Custom Star Map captures those tales. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, this map depicts how the stars aligned on that particular day. 

A romantic and sentimental gift, it’s a perfect way to commemorate those special moments that shine brightly in her life.

Tech and Gadgets

​Imagine knocking on grandmas front door, but she can’t hear you because she’s dancing around and grooving out to music on her Amazon Echo. Wouldn’t that thrill the heck out of you?

Grandparents are obsessed with their mobile phones, so we know they can learn new technologies. Try these tech gifts to make life a little easier for nana.

Tech Gifts for Baby Boomer Women

Modern Magic for Elderly Ladies

In an era dominated by technology, there’s no reason senior women should feel left out. Modern gadgets, tailored to the needs and preferences of older adults, can be both a source of convenience and wonder. 

With elderly-friendly tablets or smart home assistants, every day can feel a touch more magical. If your aging loved one doesn’t have the same mobile device brand as the rest of the family, start there so you can all stay connected.

31. Elderly-Friendly Tablet

When it comes to unusual gifts for elderly ladies, a tablet designed with their needs in mind tops the list. This device combines the power of modern technology with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for older adults to connect, learn, and play. 

It’s an excellent gift to ensure the older women in your life stay engaged and connected in this digital age. Take the time to ensure your loved one understands modern internet safety. It would be a real shame to encourage more technology use only to have grandma fall into the hands of a internet scammer.

32. Smart Home Voice Assistant

For the elderly woman who enjoys the comfort of her home, a Smart Home Voice Assistant is a game-changer. From setting reminders to playing her favorite tunes or getting weather reports, this gadget simplifies everyday life. It’s not just a tech gift; it’s a helping hand for older people to manage their daily tasks with ease.

33. Digital Handwriting Bracelet

In the era of digital messages, the charm of handwritten notes remains unmatched. The Digital Handwriting Bracelet brings the best of both worlds, allowing her to wear a piece of personal history. 

Whether it’s a note from a loved one or her own scribble, this thoughtful gift for elderly women offers a touch of nostalgia.

34. Automatic Jewelry Cleaner

Every older woman has jewelry that holds a special place in her heart. The Automatic Jewelry Cleaner ensures these treasures always sparkle. 

Using modern tech to gently and effectively clean jewelry, it’s a perfect gift for elderly ladies who cherish their gems. After all, a little shine can brighten up even the gloomiest days!

35. Elderly-Friendly Fitness Tracker

Wellness and tech go hand in hand with this Elderly-Friendly Fitness Tracker. Tailored to the needs of older adults, it monitors heart rate, steps, and more, ensuring senior women stay active and informed. 

In different designs and colors, it’s a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Plus, it’s an ideal gift for those who believe age is just a number and health is wealth.

Books and Journals

Some older adults really enjoy surrounding themselves with books. Shift the focus from novels to personalizing their collection.

Older adults have a lifetime of stories to tell and information to pass on. Spend some quality time with your aging loved one to commit parts of her mind into writing.

Unusual Gifts for Elderly Women in 2023

Pages of Discovery for Elderly Ladies

Books and journals are windows to other worlds and times. For many elderly women, they offer solace, learning, and a means to travel without leaving their chair. 

Gifting them pages that resonate with their interests or life stage can be both an act of love and a pathway to new discoveries.

36. Customized Crossword Puzzle Book

Nothing spells thoughtful like a Customized Crossword Puzzle Book. Designed with her interests in mind, this unusual gift for elderly ladies offers endless hours of brain-teasing fun. 

It’s not just a book; it’s a journey through memories, making it one of the best gifts for older women keen on keeping their minds sharp.

37. Interactive Recipe Journal

For the elderly woman with a treasure trove of family recipes, the Interactive Recipe Journal is a delightful pick. This journal invites her to jot down cherished recipes, stirring up memories with every page. 

Cooking becomes a trip down memory lane, making it a perfect gift for older adults who find joy in culinary arts.

38. Wisdom Journal

Life is a beautiful tapestry of lessons and memories. The Wisdom Journal provides senior women with a space to pen down their invaluable experiences. 

Every entry is a lesson, a story, a piece of advice. Gift this to the special older woman in your life, and let her legacy of wisdom continue for generations.

39. DIY Personal History Book

History isn’t just about global events; it’s about personal journeys too. The DIY Personal History Book offers elderly ladies the chance to document their life stories, from the smallest joys to the biggest challenges. 

A unique gift idea for older adults, it ensures that her story is told, cherished, and passed down.

40. Hobbies Exploration Guide

Age shouldn’t limit exploration. The Hobbies Exploration Guide is a testament to this belief. Curated for elderly women, this guide introduces a myriad of new activities and passions. 

Whether she’s into arts, crafts, or nature, this book offers a gateway to new adventures. A delightful gift, it’s perfect for those ready to dive into fresh experiences.

Hobbies and Crafts

​Life isn’t over for grandma. Get that lady a hobby. The rest of her years shouldn’t be filled with Netflix and chill. She can still create, learn, and discover new talents.

Being retired creates a whole new routine that your elderly family member will need to get used to. An entire day is a long time to fill and these gifts will help her find joy in retirement.

Aging Parent Active Gifts

Creative Flair for Elderly Ladies

Creativity doesn’t wane with age; often, it flourishes. Crafting kits and artistic tools tailored for the senior woman allow her to channel her inner artist, create something beautiful, and even learn a new skill. 

It’s about celebrating her creative spirit, letting her paint, craft, and sculpt her tales.

41. Ceramic Painting Set

Unleash her inner artist with a Ceramic Painting Set. It’s a brilliant, unusual gift for elderly ladies, allowing them to decorate and design unique ceramic pieces. 

As older adults often seek meaningful activities, this set is the perfect way for an elderly woman to spend quality time immersed in creativity.

42. Vintage Music Box Kit

Let her craft a symphony with the Vintage Music Box Kit. This kit, tailored for senior citizens, blends old-world charm with the joy of making. 

Crafting melodies from scratch, it becomes more than just a pastime; it’s a heartwarming experience. A truly special gift, it’ll resonate with music lovers and craft enthusiasts alike.

43. Eco-Friendly Candle Making Kit

The Eco-Friendly Candle Making Kit is not just a gift; it’s an invitation to embrace sustainable crafting. This delightful set lets elderly women dive into the art of candle-making, using materials that are kind to the planet. 

It’s a thoughtful gift, ideal for those passionate about crafts and our environment.

44. Digital Scrapbooking Software

In the age of digital photos, the Digital Scrapbooking Software offers a modern twist to preserving memories. It’s the best way for elderly family members to curate and design their digital albums, combining the joy of scrapbooking with tech convenience. 

For the tech-savvy older woman, it’s a gift that blends the past and present seamlessly.

45. Handmade Soap Crafting Set

Pamper her with the gift of crafting and self-care rolled into one. The Handmade Soap Crafting Set lets senior women create bespoke soaps infused with their favorite scents. 

Whether crafting for self-indulgence or gifting to family members, this set is bound to bring joy and fragrance to everyday life.

Extraordinary & Whimsical

Make sure you give her a gift worth telling her friends about. Unusual gifts for elderly ladies are obvious because she’ll ring up her gal pal and tell them about it. Be the kind of gift giver who gives grandma something to talk about.

​Getting a gift card or gift certificate is basic. Go wild with something she never saw coming.

Make Your Senior Citizen Mom Smile With Unusual Gifts

For the Dreamers & Romantics

Age might bring wisdom, but it never diminishes the capacity to dream or love. Gifts that cater to the whimsical, the fantastical, and the romantic in an elderly lady can rekindle memories, inspire new fantasies, and remind her that magic, in various forms, still exists in her world.

46. Personalized Fairy Garden Kit

For the elderly woman who believes in a sprinkle of magic, this is the perfect gift. The Personalized Fairy Garden Kit lets her craft a tiny, enchanted world in her backyard or on her windowsill. 

It’s a thoughtful gift that combines the joys of gardening with whimsical fantasy, bringing a touch of the extraordinary into the everyday life of older adults.

47. Name a Star Gift Set

Gifting gets cosmic with the Name a Star Gift Set. It’s not just an unusual gift for elderly ladies; it’s a journey to the stars. 

By naming a star after your favorite senior, you offer her a celestial place in the universe. It’s more than a gift; it’s a timeless, stellar memory that will outshine many others.

48. Customized Story Book

Every older woman has tales to tell, but how about making her the star of a new story? The Customized Story Book offers just that. 

Tailored to her, this book casts her as the hero, weaving tales around her adventures. It’s a heartwarming way to tell her that her story matters and is worth celebrating.

49. 3D Custom Portrait

Traditional portraits get a 21st-century makeover. A 3D Custom Portrait is a fusion of tech and art, capturing the essence of an elderly woman in three-dimensional glory. 

This unique gift is not just a keepsake; it’s a statement piece that pays tribute to her in a style befitting the digital age.

50. Whimsical Music Globe

Music, magic, and memories come together in the Whimsical Music Globe. With each turn, it plays a tune, reminding her of the good times and evoking a sense of nostalgia. 

A perfect gift for those who cherish both music and whimsy, it’s bound to hold a special place in her heart.

Unusual Gifts for Elderly Ladies

You may have come to this list to find the best birthday gift or looking for Christmas gift ideas, either way we hope you’ve found what you’re looking for. 

Gift givers have an important role in the lives of aging loved ones. Your gift is more important than something to unwrap on a holiday. Fun gifts increase moral in aging adults and that can prolong a person’s life.

Over the course of her lifetime your loved one has received plenty of gifts. Taking the time to find a really great idea will be worth the warm fuzzy feelings you’ll get in return.

FAQ: Unusual Gifts for Elderly Ladies

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